Affeltranger Music Company


Affeltranger MC is a creative music company with the soul driving force of giving the freedom of music to all who ask.

Whether you are a musician, a listener, a seeker of all things beautiful, we will help bring your musical needs to life.


About Grace

Pittsburgh native keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter/composer, and bandleader.  Grace graduated from Loyola University Chicago having studied under Blue Note artist, Anthony Molinaro, accomplished bassist/composer Matt Ulery, and highly esteemed vocalist/conductor Kirsten Hedegaard. Upon graduation, Grace relocated to Nashville, TN where she performed daily on downtown Broadway fronting the Lower Broadway Band while also starting up The Affeltranger Music Company. Finally relocating back to Pittsburgh, Grace currently is involved in multiple musical projects, recording an album, and building her the  business now offering show production, booking/promotions, and group/private lessons. 

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