Group Classes for Voice!

Who, What, Where, When, and Why…

Who: Currently accepting all ages ranging 11 through 18 from any school district.

What: Group classes that start with the foundations of voice - that is, posture, breathing technique, and basic phonation, - presented in a way that facilitates students to be free in their own voice and supported by their peers. Depending on his or her level of experience, the student will be placed in the appropriate class. Age is taken into consideration; however, I would never hold a student back based on their age unless they feel more comfortable with their similarly-aged peers! Classes and curriculum will be decided upon by student experience and demand.

Where: Conveniently held at the Quaker Valley High school band room.

When: The next session begins April 25th and continue every Thursday through May 30th at which point there will be a recital to show off what the students have learned! Classes are from 5:30p - 6:30p. *Individual performances are optional at the beginner level; however, there will be two group tunes that will be mandatory at the recital.

Why: Singing is powerful. Singing in a group is magic. It changed my life and gave me community, hope, and confidence. I found my place in the world through music, and though we all have our own path to happiness, music has brought me peace, excitement, growth, and freedom; I want to share that with others.

Founders Deal!

You are a HUGE part of the formation of these classes, so I want to offer you a thank you with my founders deal. Here are the details:

  1. Acceptance into the first ever Affeltranger Music Company Group Classes for Voice! (You’re paving the way for future students… that’s pretty cool!)

  2. A huge savings on tuition of 40% off! This is a savings of over $70!

  3. AND a Scheduled individual 15 minute lesson to give your child focused attention on their specific needs. (To be scheduled for before the class begins)

Attendance, Cancellation, and Tardiness:

Attendance will be kept throughout the session of each student. Consistency is key when it comes to growing your voice and building vocal strength, so it is in the best interest for each student to attend every class. One of the greatest benefits from participating in group classes is getting to experience singing with others. While most beginner vocalists focus on their own part and voice, being in an environment with other vocalists and having to sing together pushes them to learn blend, harmony, and develop a greater understanding of counterpoint. If you need to miss a class, no refunds are available. The schedule is posted ahead of time to prepare as best you can for the scheduled classes.

Other Details:

Payment: Tuition is to be paid in full prior to the start of classes. Once classes have begun, refunds are not available. No exceptions. Payment options are cash or check.

Okay, this all sounds great but who the heck are you?

Grrreat question! Glad you asked. Please take a read through my Q/A section of my lessons page for some insight into my experience and teaching style. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to me in person or over the phone, I am more than happy to meet or speak with you! It is my goal to create a comfortable and open environment for my students and their parents so open communication is my forte.


Class held at QVHS to begin April 25th!

625 Beaver Street
Leetsdale, PA 15056


Save your spot!

Be a part of the founding group vocal classes!

Next Session: 6-classes : “Foundation of Voice”

Thursdays, April 25th - May 30th 5:30-6:30p

Class Completion Celebration: June 3rd 5:30-6:30p

Founders Deal: $108 for 6 classes comes to just $18 per class.

Sign up deadline: May 2nd

**This does not lock you in for payment, it just lets me know you want a spot!

No payment due until you want to save your spot in the class!

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